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Three Opportunities To Explore In Travel Writing – Articles, Reviews and Guides

There are broadly three main types of travel writing. These are travel articles, travel reviews and travel guides. Here are some more handy pointers if you’d like to get started in writing and selling travel pieces: Articles Articles are short pieces of travel writing which are intended to be published by a newspaper or magazine or similar. Traditionally they were for print but increasingly nowadays they may be published electronically. They are typically 300-3,000 words in length or thereabouts. Reviews Are short articles giving your opinions on a particular travel destination or facility. This is an area of travel writing

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Is It Possible to Make Money Writing Fillers Anymore ?

Is it possible to make money writing fillers anymore ? Try this guaranteed (if alternative) way to make money with fillers: The answer as to whether you can make money writing fillers is ‘yes’ and ‘no’ …. but more about that shortly. Fillers are an incredible way to get started in writing. They’re short and don’t take much time to do. You can write them on almost anything …. from your job or hobby to your favourite holiday destination or favourite food. There is massive demand for fillers. Newspapers, magazines, newsletters and websites everywhere need hundreds of thousands if not

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Finding Your First Writing Assignment: Six Things To Try That Are Better Than Giving Up!

Once you’re up and running as a writer it becomes easier and easier to get more writing work. But getting that first break can be tricky. Here are some tips you might find useful if you’re still looking for that first writing assignment: ere * Decide what makes you different. There are lots of writers and would-be writers out there. It’s very easy to blend into the background. To stand out you need to get over why you are different, and why editors should publish your work. Do you have some unique skills or talents or knowledge of a particular that

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Ten Ways To Write Even Better Articles

The most important rule of successful article writing is this … write what your editor wants to buy, not necessarily what you want to write. It doesn’t matter how brilliant your article is, and how beautifully crafted it is, it still won’t sell if it isn’t what the editor wants to publish. 1. Read the newspaper or magazine you want to write for before you get started so you can see for yourself what it’s all about. Make sure you get a few recent back issues and check that the same subject hasn’t been covered recently. 2. Keep to the

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