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Copywriting …. Could You Make Money As A Copywriter?

Most writers consider writing articles, novels or even plays or poetry at some time in their career. But, if you are or want to be a writer, you could think about adding copywriting to your range of writing activities. Here are some tips you might find useful if you would like to make money from copywriting: What is copywriting ? Copywriting is creating any kind of written material that is, ultimately, designed to sell something. It might be something with an overtly selling purpose such as a press ad. or something more subtle, such as a press release. But, basically,

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What is ghostwriting? Can you make money from ghostwriting ?

If you are or want to be a well paid writer then ghostwriting is something you could consider doing. Here I’ll look at what ghostwriting is, and how to be a better ghostwriter. What exactly is ghostwriting ? Essentially ghostwriting is a piece of writing you do which will be published or sold under someone elses’s name rather than yours. Ghostwriting might seem an odd idea, but it’s very well established in the publishing world. Lots of things you read, such as articles, blogs and books have been written by ghostwriters rather than the named author. Is there a demand

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