Eek! Six Self Publishing Fails To Avoid

It’s no exaggeration to say that self publishing is the opportunity of the moment for writers right today. More and more authors are discovering the excitement, the fame …. and the money …. that can come from self publishing your own book. But if your self publishing project is to be a success here are six self publishing fails you’ll want to avoid:

* Self publishing just because you can. Just because modern technology makes it fairly easy to self publish a book doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea. And, self publishing just because you have an idea, opinion or story you want to put out can be a very frustrating and expensive ego trip.

Always ask yourself …. why do I want to self publish my book?

* Self publishing because you can’t find a publisher. Although this can be a good reason, it can also be a very bad reason. If a publisher doesn’t want your book idea it might be because they know it won’t sell …. and so you’ll struggle to sell it too.

The best self published books are books publishers show an interest in publishing too – it’s just that you prefer to self publish them.

* Self publishing without having a reader in mind. Who do you think will not only be interested in reading your book – but be willing to BUY it too? Before you start writing, always be crystal clear about what sort of person you’re writing for (it’s never just ‘anybody’) and what you hope they’ll get from reading your book.

In particular, if you plan to follow up with more self published titles in future you’ll need to build a loyal following of readers who are eager to read your next book.

* Not having a market in mind. Writing a book and then finding it doesn’t seem to sit well in any particular marketplace. For example, there’s quite a difference between publishing a book that will sell in the bookshops – and a book that will sell on Amazon Kindle.

Think about where you are going to sell your book once it’s finished and, ideally, tailor your book to suit that marketplace.

* Underestimating the amount of publicity you’ll need to do. If your book is to sell in decent quantities you’ll need to do plenty of publicity, and you won’t have either the help of an experienced publisher nor a financial contribution from them to pay for it. So, look at how you’re going to promote your book, and where, and at what sort of budget you have to pay for it.

* Not being professional about production. Normally your publisher will produce your book but with a self published title it’s down to you! Typos, a home made cover design and poor quality paper and print will make your book look amateurish no matter how great the content. Those who sell and read your book shouldn’t be expected to make allowances just because it’s home produced.

If you can’t produce your book professionally yourself find an expert who can help you with it – and allow for the cost of this in your budget.

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