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Dear Reader

Would you like to make extra cash from writing and selling your own articles?

Or would you like to write articles and get them published just for pleasure?

Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing your own work in print, in a magazine or newspaper. The fact is writing and selling articles is a great part time moneymaker. You can work from home in hours to suit yourself. It’s enjoyable and even fun. (Hardly like work!)

With a bit of effort you can maybe even turn it into a full time business (I do!)

My name is Mark Hempshell. I’ve been a freelance writer for over 20 years now. I’ve written books, manuals, articles and reports for hundreds of different publishers around the world, including big-name newspapers and magazines. Now I would like you show you how to write and sell articles successfully. I’ve put together a professional home study course to show you how to become a successful published writer too!

Writing for pleasure …. and profit

You know, writing articles isn’t half as difficult as some people make out. Let’s be honest, it’s NOT like writing a bestselling novel. It’s quick, it doesn’t take years to succeed. You don’t need any qualifications or previous writing experience …. and you only need fairly basic writing skills. If you can read articles in newspapers and magazines, well, you can probably write them successfully as well.

You can write and sell articles about whatever you like and would enjoy writing about. I tend to specialise in writing about business, property and careers. You might choose something different. How about pets …. children …. politics … history …. food and cookery …. local news …. current affairs …. DIY …. the environment…. crime …. motoring …. money …. consumer issues …. book reviews …. hobbies …. travel and holidays (one of the very best things to write on!). You could write for the women’s pages …. or even be an ‘agony aunt’. The list is endless.

laptopwritingGet published sooner than you think

Whatever articles you want to write there are loads of eager buyers out there who want to buy them. Thousands of newspapers, magazines and newsletters in the UK and USA, plus even more worldwide.

NEVER believe that editors don’t want to buy your writing. In many cases, they are absolutely DESPERATE for your articles. Most of them are actually short of good articles from home-based writers. They’re more than happy to send you cheques for anything from £100 to £500 (or whatever currency you choose) for a day’s work. All you need to know is how to find them and how to approach them in the right way. (I’ll tell you exactly how to ‘charm’ editors into publishing your work!)

Here’s what I’ve made for some articles I’ve sold over the last few years …..

* £54.80 for a 200-word review.

* £150 for a one thousand word ‘filler’ for a business newsletter.

* £207 for an article about eBay

* £503 for an article in a property magazine.

* £552 for a review in a newsletter.

* £465 for an article on the USA.

* £1,778 for a series of articles for a business magazine.

ArtscourseMy home study course is specially designed to teach you everything you need to know to get published fast …. and earn money from it too. The course comes to you in eight separate lessons. You can study these in your own time, at your own pace. One a day, one a week or month …. whatever suits you best. They’re easy to follow with clear, practical advice on coming up with saleable ideas, writing and finding buyers for your articles.

Each lesson includes INSIDER TIPS AND SECRETS for writing and selling – things that only a published writer can tell you. At the end of each lesson you’ll even find some simple test questions and helpful exercises you can work through. (Don’t worry these are nothing like a school exam!) They’ll help you make sure you’ve understood everything you need to know, and help you build you personal writing skills and confidence.

Here’s a little more detail on what each of the lessons covers:

LESSON 1 : GETTING STARTED AS AN ARTICLE WRITER. The basics of good article writing. Deciding what to write about – with proven ideas for you to try. How to get ideas and inspiration for your articles. What are slow sellers …. and what are the very best sellers? Planning your article. How to do research the easy way. Who will buy your articles …. and why? (The reasons may surprise you.)

LESSON 2 : HOW TO WRITE AN ARTICLE THAT SELLS. Every article is basically the same – here’s a step by step guide you can follow to get a great article every time. Deciding on the right length – why SHORTER articles are often better. Getting the style and tone spot on. How to write a great headline, and an introduction – to boost its chances of selling. How to edit your articles skilfully and give them a ‘polished’, professional appearance. Checklist of common mistakes to avoid.

LESSON 3 : ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WRITING FOR NEWSPAPERS. Writing for local and regional newspapers. Then how to get your articles accepted by ‘big name’ national newspapers ….. like the ‘The Times’ or ‘The Sun’! Tips for writing on sport, women’s pages, entertainment, home and lifestyle, business, employment, motoring, travel etc.

LESSON 4 : HOW TO WRITE FOR MAGAZINES. How to sell your articles to MAGAZINES. Finding magazines who are ‘hungry’ for your articles. Which types of magazines pay best? Essential things to know when writing for magazines. The importance of copy dates. Earn more …. illustrate your articles.

LESSON 5 : THE SECRETS OF MARKETING AND SELLING. This is probably the most important lesson in the course …. it doesn’t matter how great your articles are if you can’t sell them! In the next few lessons I will tell you exactly HOW. Researching the market. Choosing the right market for you. Assessing a publication – insider tips. Making valuable contacts with editors. Discover the difference between solicited, unsolicited and commissioned articles. Knowing this will save you hours of wasted effort …. and could make you £thousands!

LESSON 6 : HOW TO APPROACH MAGAZINES AND NEWSPAPERS. Making friends with the editor! Finding out exactly what they want to buy …. and what they don’t. How to present your work professionally. How to submit your article …. to give it the very best chance of being accepted.

LESSON 7 : ESSENTIAL INFORMATION FOR ARTICLE WRITERS. Finding the magazines and newspapers that pay the most. (Why accept £100 for an article when following this advice could get you £250!) Dealing with contracts. Dealing with copyright. How to make more money with syndication. Illustration and photography. Radio and TV appearances. Building a writing business. Useful writers’ organisations who can help you.

LESSON 8 : USEFUL CONTACTS. Mini-directory of newspapers and magazines who might buy your articles …. enough to get you started.

As soon as you’ve finished Lesson 8 you will know all you really need to get started making money from writing and selling your own top quality articles!

H4WLogoPersonal coaching to get you started as a writer

Now …. if you thought you were just signing up for a correspondence course. Well, there’s actually a bit more to it than that!

When you sign up for my course you are also entitled to use my HELP FOR WRITERS PERSONAL COACHING, MARKETING & ADVICE SERVICE too. This is designed to give you personal, individual advice on writing and on selling your articles. When you’ve written your first few articles simply send them through to me by e-mail. I’ll read them carefully and give you my personal, expert opinion. I’ll give you friendly, practical advice on how they could be improved for market. Then I’ll even suggest editors who I think may want to buy them from you.

This Personal Coaching & Marketing service, is easily worth £499 if you bought it separately. But it is included absolutely free – yes FREE – for 30 days when you enrol on my course. There’s no limit on how many articles you can send or how much free help and advice you can ask for.

Put the self study course and coaching and marketing service together and you can be writing, selling and making money from your articles in just a few short weeks from now. By studying on my course, it really is much easier than you ever thought possible to be a successful, published and well paid writer.

Here’s some more of what you will learn in the course …….

* The five simple secrets that make a saleable article. (Yes, there are only FIVE!)

* How to find hundreds of major newspapers and thousands of magazines who want to buy your articles.

* Why ‘dull’, run-of-the-mill articles often sell better than original, brilliant ones!

* The 16 best ideas for articles. These sell again and again and again.

* Five ‘bloopers’ you could be making and how to avoid them. If you make these mistakes frequently chances are you will never sell your articles.

* A simple technique to help you decide EXACTLY how long or short your article should be.

* The four things you MUST include in every article.

* How to write a headline that will sell your article.

* What 8 subject areas newspapers really want to buy articles on.

* How your job or your hobby could make you thousands as an article writer.

* Why magazines you never knew existed can be great buyers for your articles!

* How writing about Santa, Christmas trees and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer can make you money in summer!

* How to write news for your local papers – a nice, easy little earner.

* If an editor asks you this simple question …. always say YES. It almost certainly means they want to buy your work!

* How to sell your articles BEFORE you have even written them.

* How to get yourself known as an expert in your subject.

* How to write a simple six point proposal that will have an editor keen to buy your article.

* Why the less you hassle an editor the more likely they are to buy your work!

* A simple 83 word letter which you can cut-and-copy that will double or treble the chances of your article being accepted. This letter is free for you to use when you enrol.

* How to take a rejected article and make it saleable. You need never write an article that does not sell if you follow this simple advice.

* A simple, legal technique to ensure that you will ‘own’ every article you sell for ever …. and be able to sell it over and over and over again. Using this tip just one article can earn you an income every year for years into the future!

* Following this simple piece of advice can help you earn not £50 per thousand words you write, but £200 per thousand words!

* Got a cheap digital camera? Then why not illustrate your articles as well …. and earn £££’s more from them.

* How to sell your article worldwide …. to every English speaking country.

* How being a writer can help pay your household utility bills, buy and run a new car and travel round the UK and even abroad on a ‘working holiday’ …. all on top of what you earn from your articles. This little bit of info. can be worth THOUSANDS to you every year.

* Building a writing business. Once you’re up and running maybe you will go full time. There’s tons of potential. If you do, you could expect to earn £40,000 or more every year working from home.

All the above – and more – will be fully explained in my course.

personYOU too can earn a living as an article writer

Now obviously I don’t know how much experience you have in writing articles. You might already be a writer and have some articles published. If so, I absolutely promise that my course will help you find more markets, convince more editors, sell more articles and make far more money, than you ever thought possible.

Or maybe you are a complete beginner? Maybe you have never even written an article before in your life, let alone sold one? If that’s the case, no problem. My course is simple and easy to follow. I will explain all the basics you need to know about writing articles and selling them. All you need to know to get started, slowly at first, building up your experience (and building up your writing income) as you go.

Either way remember: I’m not offering you all this advice from a theoretical point of view. All these tips, techniques and secrets are tips, techniques and secrets I’ve learned myself from over 20 years experience as a successful article writer.

The complete course including FREE personal coaching and marketing help costs just £99 fully inclusive. To get started now just click below. You can pay 100% securely using any credit or debit card through PayPal. Once your payment has been processed we will send you the course.

I look forward to welcoming you on my course!

Best Wishes




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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do I need to succeed as an article writer?

Just basic writing skills and enthusiasm. You will also need a PC and, ideally, an Internet connection. You do not need any formal English qualifications to succeed as an article writer.

How much do you think I could earn?

It depends on how many articles you sell of course. But you should expect to get at least £50 for a short article up to £500 or more for a longer one which takes around a day to write. You could probably earn anything from £5,000 a year up to £40,000 a year if you do well.

How is the course delivered?

You will receive your course material as a download attached to an email. Courses are usually sent out immediately once we have received your payment. Please contact us if you don’t receive your course within 24 hours and we will ensure you receive it.

How do I use the Personal Coaching & Marketing Service?

When you order the course I will send you a special e-mail address for this service. Just send any questions through and I will send you a reply and advice by e-mail as soon as possible. (Maximum article length for this free service is 3,000 words and please send articles only one at a time.)

Remember this service alone is worth £500 or more to you. But is included FREE when you join the course!

Is there a guarantee?guarantee

Yes there is. Your enrolment fee will be refunded if you join the course and then decide within the first month that it isn’t for you.