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Dear Fellow Writer

Have you always fancied writing fiction? Do you have a story inside you that you’d love to share with others? Are you looking for a way of making some extra money from writing that is actually fun, not a chore?

Well short story writing could be for you! Let me explain why:ss3

Plotting for a short story is simpler than every other kind of fiction. You don’t need the complex character portraits and twists and turns that you get in a novel.

There’s a lot less work involved. If your first few stories fail to find a buyer, you won’t have lost much time. (Unlike if you spend five years writing a novel and then find no one wants to publish it!)

Page for page, word for word, you’ll probably make a lot more from writing a short story than a novel.

If you like, short story writing is like novel writing …. but a whole lot simpler!

Another good reason is that there are plenty of buyers of short stories …. all around the world. Editors are eager to buy short stories just like the ones you are thinking of writing right now!

….. You could sell your stories to a magazine. Women’s magazines are avid publishers of short stories. And there are some magazines that publish nothing but short stories. They need thousands every year.

….. You could sell your stories to a book publisher. Or even sell an anthology. Children’s book publishers are keen buyers of these.

….. You could sell your stories to radio, or even TV in some cases!

So if you fancy becoming a short story writer, and seeing your short stories in print (and getting paid for them) what’s the best way to get started?

MAKING MONEY FROM SHORT STORIES is a complete, comprehensive crash course in writing and selling short stories. It will teach you everything you need to know to get started right now.

Organised in eight, step-by-step, easy-to-follow lessons, the course will suit you whether you have a little experience in writing, or if you have no experience whatsoever. MAKING MONEY FROM SHORT STORIES will get you started on the road to planning, writing, selling and best of all making money from your short stories within a very short period from now.

To give you a taster of what you’ll learn here are just few things you will discover in the course:

* What a short story is. How it differs from writing other kinds of fiction. In particular, how long (or short) should a short story be. (Essential to know if you’re going to sell your stories.)

* What you need to know about the market for sort stories today, including the three biggest markets for short stories (book publishers, magazines and radio). You will also learn about a fourth method of getting your stories published, which most writers never event think of!

ss2* What are the very best subjects to write short stories on – and how to get ideas for great short stories. (Something from your own experience is perfect if you’d like to.) Choose from one of the top-selling short story ideas, to name just a few: Thriller. Mystery. Children’s Stories. Science Fiction. Ghost Stories. Crime. Horror Stories. War.

Let’s not forget romantic fiction short stories …. these are some of the single most popular short stories ever. If you want to write romantic short stories you’ll find lots of publishers eager to consider your work.

(We’ll also look at the four types of short story you shouldn’t write, if you want them to be a success!)


* What makes a really saleable short story? We asked editors to tell us what they like to see in stories they buy …. and we’ll share their frank advice in the course.

* How to plan and structure a good short story. One of the great things about this type of writing is that short stories have a fairly simple structure. But you do need to introduce, unravel and wrap your short story up in a certain way.

We’ll look at exactly how to do it – and provide you with a sample story plan that you can copy and use time and time again to write great short stories.

* Writing and editing your short story. How to polish and refine your story to perfection before sending it off to the publisher.

* Children’s short story writing. Writing short stories for children justifiably takes up a large part of Lesson 4. This is because it is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, types of short story writing. You’ll find advice on writing for all the different age groups from pre-readers right up to teens and what sort of stories will appeal to them.

ss1* The BBC represents a significant market for short story writers – and they positively encourage new writers to send in their work. Writing short stories for radio (and also for TV in some cases) can be a very good market for writers. But you’ll need to bear in mind these special tips and techniques if you want to crack it.

You’ll discover how to find out what the BBC is looking for, how to submit your work and the contact details you need.

* Approaching the market. There are thousands and thousands of potential buyers out there …. but just how do you find them?

The course will show you exactly how. We’ll look at: How to find the most suitable publisher for your story. How to approach them. How to compile a professional short story proposal. What commissioned writing is – and how to sell your story before you even write it! How to present your stories professionally, whether on paper or by email – to make it easy for an editor to say ‘Yes, we want your story!’.

* Anthologies. Writing an anthology or collection of short stories is something every short story writer should consider. It can not only mean more work, but more money. The course will explain what you need to know about writing anthologies.

* Rejection, and how to deal with it. If your stories are rejected at first it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re no good. The course will look at the main reasons your stories are rejected and how to put things right so that they start to sell. (It could well be a case of great story-wrong market.)

* Self publishing short stories. There’s little doubt that one of the most exciting things you can do as a writer is to publish a book. In this lesson we will look at how you can actually publish your own short story book …. and make good money from it.

You will learn about traditional paper book publishing, print on demand publishing and e-book publishing including Amazon Kindle. (Short stories are perfect for reading on the go, and Kindle is perfect for short stories.)

* All the technical ‘nuts and bolts’ of being a short story writer will be explained in clear and simple terms to help you maximise the money you make from your writing. The course will look at matters like: Author contracts – how to get the best deal. Legal issues and copyrights. Illustrating your work. Earning extra money from worldwide sales and syndication. Earning extra money from illustrating your work, if you’d like to.

Plus …. the individual coaching and advice you need to write and sell your stories

Now MAKE MONEY WRITING SHORT STORIES isn’t just a course where you’re just left to your own devices, to sink or swim on your own efforts. It has been specially designed to provide practical, one-to-one support to help you become a successful published short story writer.

ss4Firstly, each of the eight lessons of the course includes both a Questions and Answers unit and a Tasks unit which you can use to check that you’ve fully understood each lesson before moving on to the next. There’s even a Final Exam to test your competency at the end of the course. (Don’t worry, this is nothing like going back to school!)

Secondly, when you sign up for my course you are also entitled to use my HELP FOR WRITERS personal coaching, marketing & advice service too. HELP FOR WRITERS is designed to help you out with any problems you might encounter on the way. And give you personal, individual advice on writing and on selling your short stories.

As you write each short story simply send them through to me by e-mail. I’ll read them carefully and give you my personal, expert opinion. I’ll give you friendly, practical advice on how they could be improved for market. Then I’ll even suggest editors who I think may want to buy them from you.

Access to the HELP FOR WRITERS service could easily be worth several hundreds of pounds if you bought it separately. But it is included absolutely free – yes FREE – when you enrol on my course. There’s no limit on how many short stories you can send or how much free help and advice you can ask for within the first month.

So, when you sign up for MAKE MONEY WRITING SHORT STORIES you’ll get to benefit directly from all the tips, techniques and secrets I’ve learned myself from over 20 years experience as a successful article writer.

So then, how much money could you expect to make from selling your short stories?

Well as you might expect a short story won’t earn you as much as a novel. (But then they involve much, much less work!) Payments vary depending on the type of short story and the market. But here are a few examples of what you could expect to earn:

ss6* £27 for a 500 word short story from a specialist magazine.

* £95 from a specialised short story magazine.

* £150-£200 for a longer short story from a national magazine.

* £270 for a story which can be serialised.

* £75 if your story is used in a radio programme. And £75 every time it is used again.

* £1,000 advance ‘up front’ for a short story book.

* Anything from £500-£5,000 a year for a self-published short story book.

(By the way the course also covers other ways of making money from your short stories, such as claiming payments for whenever your work is copied or borrowed in a library.)

And what does the course cost?

Put the self study course and coaching and marketing service together and you can be writing, selling and making money from your short stories in just a few short weeks from now. By studying on my course, it really is much easier than you ever thought possible to be a successful, published and well paid writer.

The complete course of eight lessons and including FREE personal coaching in short story writing and help with marketing costs just £99 fully inclusive. (A small price to pay, when selling just one story could easily repay the cost several times over.)

To get started now just click below. You can pay 100% securely using any credit or debit card through PayPal. Once your payment has been processed we will send you the course as a download.

Best Wishes




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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do I need to succeed as a short story writer ?

Just good basic writing skills …. and a good imagination helps! You do not need any formal English qualifications to succeed as a short story writer.

How is the course delivered ?

You will receive your course material as a download attached to an email. Courses are usually sent out immediately once we have received your payment. Please contact us if you don’t receive your course within 24 hours and we will ensure you receive it.

How do I use the Personal Coaching & Marketing Service ?

When you order the course I will send you a special e-mail address for this service. Just send any questions through and I will send you a reply and advice by e-mail as soon as possible.

Remember if bought separately this service could easily be worth several hundreds pounds or dollars. But is included FREE when you join the course!

Is there a guarantee ?

Yes there is. Your enrolment fee will be refunded if you join the course and then decide within the first month that short story writing isn’t for you.

Click here to sign up and access the course.

What our students say about this course:

Thanks Mark for a lovely course. I’ve had an idea for a short story book buzzing around in my head for a year or so now. Taking your course has helped me get it down on paper at last!

June, Selby, North Yorkshire.

I’m thrilled to be able to tell you that just a month after completing the course I’ve just received an email offering me £90 for ‘Should I? Shouldn’t I?’ and a request to give the magazine first refusal on my next short story. Thank you for your help.

Joe, Sutton, Surrey.