Book Marketing Service

If you’ve published a book – or are thinking about it – then marketing is one of the most important things to think about. If your book doesn’t sell then, no matter how great your writing is, it won’t make you any money.

Professional marketing can help your book sell, and help it sell more. As well as being a writer I have over 20 years experience in the advertising and marketing industry as a copywriter and marketing consultant. I can help get the message out about your book …. and help persuade buyers to buy.

This service is available to publishers, self publishers and authors alike. Here’s just a little of what it includes:

► Help with devising a professional marketing strategy for your book.

Who will want to buy your book – and what are the best and most cost effective ways of reaching them?

► Copywriting of all promotional material – including jacket copy and endmatter, sales letters, press releases, online and offline advertising.

► Advice on online marketing – no book today is likely to be successful without effective online marketing to engage with your audience and potential audience.

Help and advice on using online techniques such as blogging, social media, Facebook and Twitter.

► Advice on raising your profile as an author. Get your name known as well as your book.

► Reviews are essential in book marketing today. This service can help with providing, organising and arranging positive reviews for your book.

► Press release writing and sending press releases out to the media – one of the single most important aspects of book marketing today.

This service can help your book get mentioned in the media and advise you on getting radio, TV and personal appearances to help promote your book.

Costs: The cost of this service depends on exactly what you need – take a package or use and pay only for the services you need.

Please contact me with an outline of your project for a free, no obligation quote. Email: