Criticism & Advice Service

For books, articles and most other kinds of writing

► Have you written a book or article and want to get it published?

► Have you started writing …. but left it unfinished ?

► Do you have an idea …. but don’t know how to progress it?

► Has your work been rejected by a publisher already ?

Then my professional (constructive!) criticism and advice service can help you start, write or finish your work, polish your manuscript, find publishers and get your book or article published …. sooner not later.

With over 20 years experience in writing my own books and articles, pitching ideas to publishers and as an editor with a UK publisher I have all the experience and expertise needed to help you become a published author too.

Here’s just a little of what my expert criticism and advice includes :

► A thorough reading and assessment of your manuscript and/or your notes and ideas.

► Critical but constructive advice on if and how it can be improved to maximise its potential.

► Help with plotting or structuring your work to make it more appealing to publishers.

► Help with creating a marketing plan – including a report on which publishers may be interested in considering your idea for publication.

(I have hundred of contacts in the publishing business. There’s a very good chance I may know someone who would like to publish your work.)

► Advice on choosing the best title for your book or article – one that will catch the attention of editors and readers.

► Help with creating a book proposal and synopsis.

► Advice on making an approach to editors.

► Guidance on whether it might be to your advantage to have an author’s agent, and help with finding one.

► Advice on professionally presenting your manuscript.

► Assistance with editing and proofreading.

► Advice on negotiating your book publishing contract. I will outline ways you can improve your royalties and keep hold of more valuable rights and benefits!

► Advice on self publishing your book, if that might be a better way of getting published. Also see my Self Publishing Service.

My book criticism and advice service is ideal for most types of books, fiction or non-fiction, and productions such as articles, features, short stories, manuals and courses.

Costs: Please contact me with an outline of your project for a free quotation of my charges. No pressure and no obligation. Email: