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If you’re keen and eager to make a go of it as a writer (and I hope you are) but would like some help to make it all a reality then Help For Writers could be perfect for you.

Let me explain: Help For Writers is a personal, individual help and advice service to give you the help and support you need when you need it, answer your questions, solve your problems (well writing problems that is!) and help you along the road to being a successful writer.

At the end of the day it has one aim …. to help you get your work in print and make some money from it too.

As a writer myself I have over 20 years experience in freelance writing. I’ve written and sold hundreds of articles, books, manuals and sales copy over the years. So I like to think I know what it’s like, and I’m very well placed to help YOU get published and make money from your writing too.

The Help For Writers service could be perfect for you if …. 

…. You’re a new, unpublished writer with nothing to your name as yet.

…. You’ve had a few pieces of work published already, and want to improve.

…. You’re an established writer who would just like a second opinion sometimes.

…. You write or want to write: Fiction. Non fiction. Books. Manuals. Articles. For the web. For TV and radio. For newspapers and magazines. Sales copywriting. Almost anything really.

(If you’ve written, or want to write a book, then you might like to consider using my other services like my Criticism & Advice ServiceSelf Publishing Service or Book Marketing Service instead.)

Here’s what you get when you join Help For Writers:

Help For Writers is not just one service but a whole bundle of services to help you develop ideas – improve your writing – find buyers – sell and make money from your writing too. Here are some of the main things you’ll benefit from:

* Access to my Writer’s Helpline. I’ll send you my personal email address – one that comes directly through to me. So you can ask as many questions or ask for as much advice on your writing as you like. For example, tell me a little about yourself, your background and your interests. I’ll be glad to give you some ideas (if you’re not too sure yet) on what types of writing you might be best suited to.

* Use of my personal coaching & criticism service. Send me your writing – whether it’s a finished version or just a rough outline. Your articles, short stories, poetry, plays or whatever. I’ll read them carefully, and come back to you with my fair opinion, and friendly, practical advice for making your writing even better.

I’ll tell you what you’re doing well – and where you might be going wrong. As well as being a writer, I have many years experience in editing and publishing which involved commissioning writing too … I can see things from both sides of the fence. (I try to be firm but fair!)

* Individual marketing advice. I’ll draw on my years of experience and trade contacts to suggest editors and publishers who might be interested in buying your work and suggest the best way to pitch your writing or your idea to them.

By the way, I have access to hundreds of trade contacts which I’ve built up over the years. So it’s possible I might already know an editor who would be interested in buying your work.

* Practical ‘hands on’ help. With matters like book proposals, proofing and presentation, fees, contracts, copyright, tax, public lending right or sorting out any problems you might have with publishers.

By the way, there are NO LIMITS on how many questions or manuscripts you can send during your period of membership. (But please only send one t at time so I can give my fullest attention to each.)

* Regular special offers and a free newsletter. Discounts on books, courses and other products for writers, which are only offered to members. And my regular Make Money Writing Newsletter which is sent out most weekly with news, tips, ideas and advice to help you with your writing.

How much does Help For Writers cost ?

I know that most new and unpublished writers are on a limited budget. So I’ve tried to make Help For Writers as affordable and easy to use as possible. You’ll be pleased to hear there’s no hefty membership or joining fee, and no big upfront annual subscription to pay out for.

For a limited period Help For Writers is available for a reasonable £19.99 as a monthly membership – or if you prefer to subscribe for a year you receive two months FREE.

So you can try Help For Writers now and use it for as long or as little as you like. If you decide it’s not for you – or you decide you don’t need my help anymore – you can cancel at any time and pay nothing more. (All I ask is that you try the service for a minimum of three months but if, after that, you cancel I’ll refund your money for every complete unused month.)

Does that sound fair to you?

I hope so! Because it really is the simplest, no risk way I can think of to give you a helping hand to get started or develop your talents as a writer at a real value-for-money cost.

How to get started now ….

Joining up with Help For Writers is simple. Go to the bottom of this page choose your membership period (low cost monthly or top value annual – last two months free!) then click on the ‘Subscribe’ button below and fill in your details.

Once your membership is accepted I’ll send you full details of how to use the service together with my personal contact details. Membership details are usually sent out by email the same day, but please allow 24 hours. So you can get started using Help For Writers, improving your writing skills, finding publishers and selling your work more or less immediately!

So why put it off any longer? If you fancy making it as a writer this year and making some extra money from writing too why not sign up with Help For Writing now?

I very much look forward to helping you with your writing ….

Best Wishes
Mark Hempshell


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