Self Publishing On Kindle: Tips For Getting Started

One of the most exciting ways to self publish a book right now is to self publish it on Amazon Kindle. It’s easy, quick and it is a way to put your book on sale to millions of potential buyers all around the world. But self publishing on Kindle isn’t the same as self publishing any other way. Here are a few tips to help you get started successfully self publishing on Kindle:
* Start with a blank sheet of paper! Ideally, plan your book so that it will work well on Kindle before you even write it. It’s much harder to take an existing book, especially one which has been written as a paper book, then try to make it fit the Kindle model.
* Research the competition. Search Amazon to see what similar books are already on sale there for Kindle. Check what price they sell for, what they contain and what customers think of them by checking the Amazon reviews. Consider buying and reading a few of them yourself to see how you can make yours better.
* Choose your title carefully. Do you already have a title in mind? Guess what …. chances are somebody is already using that self same title on Kindle! Try to come up with a unique title, if necessary by amending your plans slightly.
Your title should be: Eye-catching, give a taste of what your book is about and, ideally, offer the reading more than competing books.
* Work out a price before you begin. Considering the competition work out a price you think customers would be happy to pay for a Kindle download of your book and build your book around that. Don’t write your book and then work out what to sell it for.
* Read the formatting guide before you start writing. The Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform has certain formatting conventions. It’s perfectly OK to prepare your book in MS Word but certain Word conventions (like page breaks, bullets and tables) don’t work the same way in KDP.
Reading the formatting guide first (which you can find here: will save you hours of editing work later.
* DON’T use the Kindle Cover Creator. (Please!) KDP incorporates a tool where you can create a cover for your Kindle book in minutes. But I’d strongly recommend you don’t use it ….. because covers created this way tend to look awful!
Instead, shop around with some graphic designers who are experienced in book cover design to get a professionally designed cover for your book. It needn’t cost a lot of money and it will make your book look a thousand times better.
I hope you’ve found these Kindle publishing tips useful. For more free tips, ideas and help for writers visit my other site: Mark Hempshell’s Make Money Writing
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