Six Ideas For Your First Romantic Fiction Novel

Romantic fiction is such a large genre within the fiction writing world that is it split into several individual sub-genres.

Here are six ideas for your first (or next) romantic fiction novel:

* Period romance. These are set in a distinct period of history – for example, the American Civil War, World War II, Georgian or Victorian (all of which are incredibly popular).

Bone up on your history before you plot your plot!

* Suspense. With these your story is played out amidst a tense background, perhaps involving crime or a thriller, or even supernatural or science-fiction.

* Young adult, firmly pitched at the 13-16 age group with an appropriate storyline.

* Erotic fiction. These are sexually explicit to a lesser or greater extent (usually greater). There’s a huge following for this type of romantic fiction. But study your intended market carefully to pitch the level just right.

* Workplace romance. Romantic fiction set in the workplace – girl meets boy at the water cooler type stories. Very popular and often incorporate big city lifestyles and glamorous dream jobs.

* Fantasy fiction. Girl meets boy in a humdrum situation and sets off on the adventure of a lifetime.

Shirley Valentine anyone?

By and large your romantic novel or short story should stay clearly within the sub-genre of your choice.

Also, not all romantic publishers publish every type of romantic fiction. Most romantic fiction publishers specialise in just one or at most a few limited types of romantic fiction, not anything and everything. So before you get started check out which and how many publishers might be interested in your story.

If you’re interested in writing romantic fiction then short stories offer a fairly quick and easy way to get started. My short story writing course could be a good starting point. More details here: Short story writing course.

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