Three Opportunities To Explore In Travel Writing – Articles, Reviews and Guides

There are broadly three main types of travel writing. These are travel articles, travel reviews and travel guides. Here are some more handy pointers if you’d like to get started in writing and selling travel pieces:


Articles are short pieces of travel writing which are intended to be published by a newspaper or magazine or similar. Traditionally they were for print but increasingly nowadays they may be published electronically. They are typically 300-3,000 words in length or thereabouts.


Are short articles giving your opinions on a particular travel destination or facility. This is an area of travel writing that has expanded fast with the expansion of electronic publishing. When written by a professional travel writer they should be objective and informative. They may or may not be critiques. They are typically 100-2,000 words in length.

Guides and Books

Are longer pieces of travel writing giving a more comprehensive description of a country or location. They are typically 25,000 words plus – although shorter guides are found in some niches. They are still mainly print publications but the market for ebooks is growing rapidly at the moment.

You can write any or all of these types of travel writing. However, you should try to keep them distinct in each case. For example, avoid creating a piece of writing that is too long to be an article but not long enough to be a guide – it will be tricky to sell.

Tip: Learn to walk before you try to run! Try writing articles and reviews on your chosen location or type of travel first. If they prove popular consider writing a guide on the same subject.

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