How would you like to travel the world and even get paid for it

…. as a travel writer ?


Dear Fellow Writer

“Over the last few years I’ve enjoyed free trips to Cyprus and Portugal …. and I’ve just received an offer to go on an all expenses paid trip to Malta!

“You see, that’s one of the best things about being a travel writer. Even if you don’t make big money from it the fringe benefits can make it all worthwhile. Because as well as getting paid for it you can also, sometimes, get some nice free trips at home and abroad. All thanks to the generosity of travel promoters who want you to cover their latest new development, resort or whatever.”

beachOf all the types of writing you might consider getting involved with travel writing is one of the most exciting – and also the most rewarding financially and personally. Now YOU have the opportunity to join me, and become a well-paid, well-travelled writer too!

My name is Mark Hempshell. I’ve been a freelance writer for over 20 years now. I’ve written books, manuals, articles and reports for hundreds of different publishers around the world, including big-name newspapers and magazines. Now I would like you show YOU how to write and sell travel writing successfully. I’ve put together this professional home study course to show you how to become a successful published travel writer too!


Don’t worry if you have no experience of travel writing, or even writing. This course is designed for newbies, as well as those with a little experience, and will show you everything you need to get started. You will discover HOW to come up with great ideas for travel writing (ideas that editors will want to publish), HOW to plan your work, HOW to do research …. and learn PROVEN travel writing techniques. It covers writing travel articles, fillers travel reviews and travel guides and even travel books too.

This course is designed not just to improve your writing, but to boost your income! As well as covering the technical side of writing it will show you how to make real money from your writing. So whether you are just looking for a rewarding hobby or part time extra cash …. or see it as a longer term, well paid career …. this course will provide all the information you need to get started.

If you like …. you can just write about the places you holiday yourself. Wouldn’t it be great to be paid for being on holiday?

Editors want to buy your travel writing …. now !

One of the reasons I recommend travel writing is that the market is so large and growing fast. It’s probably one of the biggest markets for writers there is ….

* Firstly, there are loads of travel book publishers out there. Everything from multinational travel publishers to small niche publishing houses. They’re usually eager to receive proposals from new writers.

* If you’d like to write travel articles, most newspapers and many general interest magazines have travel sections. Then there are the specialist travel, leisure and adventure magazines. Publications like cruise and airline magazines are also good buyers for travel writing too.

* The very latest development in travel book publishing is particularly exciting – ebook or electronic book publishing. You can even self-publish your own travel books if you like. Amazon Kindle is an easy and potentially very lucrative way to sell travel writing. (Full details in the course.)

* Lastly don’t forget websites. There are more travel websites than you can shake a stick at nowadays. They need thousands and thousands of travel pieces – everything from fillers and reviews to longer articles and features. Pieces that YOU could be selling to them.

towerAnother good thing about travel writing is that you can sell it to publishers around the world. You aren’t just restricted to your home market.

Here’s just a little of what is covered in this course:

The course is easy to follow and organised into eight lessons to teach you every aspect of being a successful, well paid travel writer. Here’s just a little of what each lesson contains:

Lesson 1
What you need to know about being a travel writer

Is travel writing for you? What’s the market for travel writing like? The different styles of travel writing – narrative and journalistic. The main types of travel writing – articles, reviews and guides. Finding the best subjects : Spotting new and upcoming opportunities in travel writing. Travel writing niches to consider. Most popular tourist countries worldwide. Travel writing …. home or away? What you need to be a travel writer. What makes really good travel writing? How setting up a writing blog can be the perfect, easy first step.

Lesson 2
How to plan, research and write travel articles and travel reviews

Characteristics of an article. What makes a good travel article? Giving your article a twist or angle. Planning your travel article. Travel articles made simpler: using a paragraph plan. Researching your travel article. Writing your travel article. Do’s and don’ts on the presentation of articles. Writing a good headline. Important checks to make when finalising your article. How to create good reviews. What makes a good review? Planning and researching your review. Writing your review.

Lesson 3
Finding a publisher for travel articles and travel reviews: The massive newspapers, magazines and websites market

Developing the right mindset for marketing. Solicited, unsolicited and commissioned articles. What are the main markets for travel articles? Researching potential markets. Important principles for selling travel articles. Tips for selling newspaper travel. Tips for selling magazine travel. Tips for selling online travel. Other markets for your articles and reviews. Making contact with publishers. How to work with the editor. Making an approach to the editor – how to do it right.

Lesson 4
How to plan, research and write a travel guide or book

Characteristics of a guide or book. Important points about guides and books. What makes a good travel guide or book? Getting ideas for your guide or book. Planning your travel guide or book. A typical chapter template for guidance. Researching your travel guide or book. What to include in the different types of guide or book. Writing your travel guide or book. Tips for writing a narrative travel book. Choosing a title for your guide or book. Important checks to make when finalising your work.

Lesson 5
How to find a publisher for your travel book or guide

Things to know about the market for books and guides. Solicited, unsolicited or commissioned? Understanding the different types of travel publisher. A cautionary note: vanity/subsidy publishers. Researching potential markets. Important principles for selling travel books and guides. Creating a book proposal. Preparing a sample chapter. Making contact with book publishers. Dealing with the editor. Book contracts: what you need to know. Book royalties: what you need to know.

Lesson 6
How to self publish your travel book or guide

Why should you consider self publishing? What self publishing is suitable for. Points to consider before self publishing. Self publishing options– paper or ebook? Preparing your book for self publishing. Print on demand publishing. Amazon Advantage publishing. Ebook publishing. Amazon Kindle publishing.

Lesson 7
The exciting chapter: how to travel the world for free by writing about it !

How to unlock the secrets of free travel. A few principles to help you obtain free travel. Choosing the best subjects/locations for free travel. Obtaining a commission for your travel free project. Journalist’s inspection trips. Finding travel providers. Completing your free travel project. Final tips for travel writers using free travel opportunities.

Lesson 8
More ways to make money from travel writing

Selling subsidiary rights to your travel writing. How to make extra money from travel photography. Claiming payments for copying and lending. Starter list of useful contacts: travel publishers.

Plus: At the end of each lesson you’ll also find a useful questions-and-answers section to help you test your understanding before moving onto the next lesson. There’s even a final exam for you to take before you gain fully fledged travel writer status. (Don’t worry, it’s nothing like being at school. You can follow each lesson as quickly or as slowly as you like, at your own pace.)

aircraftPersonal coaching to get you started as a travel writer

Now one more think I really need to tell you. The Travel Writing Course is much, much, more than just a correspondence course.

When you sign up for my course you are also entitled to use my HELP FOR WRITERS PERSONAL COACHING, MARKETING & ADVICE SERVICE too.

This service is designed to give you personal, individual advice on writing and on selling your travel writing. If you have a question or query about the course, get stuck with it, would like my advice on something you’ve written, or advice on marketing or selling just ask and I will be pleased to help.

This Personal Coaching & Marketing service is easily worth hundreds of pounds or dollars alone. But it is included absolutely free – yes FREE – for 30 days when you enrol on my course. There’s no limit to how much free help and advice you can ask for.

Put the self study course and coaching and marketing service together and you can be writing, selling and making money from travel writing just a few short weeks from now.

By studying on my course, it really is much easier than you ever thought possible to be a successful, published and well paid writer.

So what could you earn as a travel writer ?

* Travel books and guides. Even a moderately successful travel book or guide could earn you several thousands pounds or dollars in royalties each year, year after year. A best seller (should you be lucky enough to have one) could be much more.

Plus, with books and guides you can often expect an advance – anything from £500/$500 to £5,000/$5,000 or more – just for getting a book deal.

* Articles and reviews. You should expect to get at least £50/$50 for a short article or filler up to perhaps £500/$500 for a longer one. Maybe even more for a more detailed travel feature.

* Self publishing. Self publishing holds potential to be really lucrative for the travel writer, as there’s no publisher to take a cut of your cover price.

Of course, how much you can earn as a travel writer depends on how much work you do and how successful you are of course. There are no promises. But an income of £5,000/$5,000 up to £40,000/$40,000 a year isn’t out of the question from freelance writing.

And remember, on top of this, with some assignments, you’ll get free all-expenses-travel and accommodation …. normally with the best airlines, cruise lines and hotels as their ‘VIP Guest’!

writercafeHere are just a few more things you’ll discover in the course ….

* The difference between narrative travel writing and journalistic travel writing. (It is absolutely vital to understand this difference before you start out.)

* What is the difference between an article and a review …. and a book and a guide? (Again, it is vital to know the difference if you are to succeed.)

* How to spot the newest and latest opportunities in travel writing …. so you can get into the market first!

* Discover all the different, exciting travel writing specialities you could get involved in. Everything from writing about family travel and cruises to adventure travel, food and wine, and senior travel and more.

* How you can make money from travel by writing about your own home town or city. (Even if you don’t think of it as a tourist spot!)

* The nine basic secrets of good travel writing.

* Seven easy ways to get a great idea for a travel guide book you could write.

* How to sell a book or article idea to a publisher BEFORE you have even written it.

* How to research and write a great travel book or article without ever visiting the place you’re writing about!

* How to find and make contact with editors at travel publishers around the world. And what to say to them so they’ll want to publish your work.

* Fact: A good title can make or break any book or article. Here’s how to choose a great title.

* If you’re offered a book contract, here’s what you should check to make sure it’s fair and reasonable. These simple checks could mean you earn THOUSANDS more for your book or guide.

* Self publishing can be a fabulous way for travel writers to make more money than ever before. But you need to know …. when and why you should self publish your book. And when and why you shouldn’t.

* The four essential secrets (yes there are just four) of free travel …. and a step by step guide to working your way towards exciting free travel assignments worldwide.

* A template for a simple three paragraph template letter which you can cut and paste and use. This simple letter will unlock the door to a world of free write-as-you-travel opportunities.

* A checklist of 31 type of business and organisations that give out free travel. And a cut and paste template letter to send to them to request it.

* Extra ways to make more money from your travel writing for no extra work simply by managing your ‘rights’ professionally. These could easily treble or quadruple your income from writing.

* How to make extra money from travel photography. You don’t need to be an expert photographer to earn money year after year for every photo you take on your travels. (It also works even if you don’t actually want to do any writing.) Full and comprehensive details and instruction are given in Lesson 8.

Believe me when I say it, of all the different types of writing out there (and I’ve tried plenty in my time) little can beat travel writing as an exciting, fun way to make a part or full time income. Especially now this Travel Writing Course makes it so easy to get started.

One last thing however. Obviously I can only work with so many new writers and give them my best personal attention at any one time. So the offer of Free Personal Coaching & Marketing is limited. This offer may need to be closed to new applicants at any time. So, if you are interested in taking this course AND receiving my individual personal coaching and advice please do sign up TODAY!

I look forward to welcoming you on my course very soon.

Best Wishes




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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do I need to succeed as a travel writer ?

Just good basic writing skills. You do not need any formal English qualifications to succeed as an article writer. An interest in travel and lots of enthusiasm is a bonus too of course.

You’ll need to be happy to travel occasionally, although home-based assignments that don’t involve travel are available if you prefer.

How is the course delivered ?

You will receive your course material as a download attached to an email. Courses are usually sent out immediately once we have received your payment. Please contact us if you don’t receive your course within 24 hours and we will ensure you receive it.

How do I use the Personal Coaching & Marketing Service ?

When you order the course I will send you a special e-mail address for this service. Just send any questions through and I will send you a reply and advice by e-mail as soon as possible.

Remember if bought separately this service could easily be worth several hundreds pounds or dollars. But is included FREE when you join the course!

Is every trip for free ?

Not necessarily, at least when you start out. In the course I will explain how to build up your experience and reputation so that suppliers will want to offer you free travel as well as payment for your writing.

guaranteeIs there a guarantee ?

Yes there is. Your enrolment fee will be refunded if you join the course and then decide within the first month that making money and having fun as a travel writer isn’t really for you.

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