How To Find A Publisher For Your Book

bookSo you want to write a book …. or maybe you just have a great idea for a book? You want to get your book published. How do you find a publisher who really wants to publish your book?

The fact is, there are probably hundreds of publishers out there who want to publish your book. It’s just a matter of finding them! Here are my tips and advice:

First research the market. Look at what similar books there are out there, and look at how they’re selling. Generally, publishers are most eager to publish more books on subjects that are already good sellers. A wholly new idea will be much more difficult to find a publisher for.

Draw up a contact list. Publishers who already publish on the subject your book is about (or a similar type of fiction etc.) or something very similar are your best bet.

To draw up a contact list check with authors’ guides – I strongly recommend the The Writers’ and Artists’Yearbook. You can also use Amazon and visit book shops.

Ask for the contributors’ notes. Most publishers send out contributors’ notes, or publish these on their websites. These outline what type of manuscripts they’re currently looking for and how ideas should be presented. You’re likely to get a better and quicker response if you follow this guidance closely.

Create your book proposal. The idea of this is to show the publisher what your book is about, why you’re the best person to write it, and why and how it will sell.

At the very least a book proposal should consist of a list of contents and a synopsis. A sample chapter would be even better. Information on your qualifications/experience and some market information would also give your idea an advantage

Important. If you want to write your complete book and then submit it to a publisher you can. But you run the risk no one will be interested and your efforts will be wasted.

Send off your book proposal. Be prepared to send your proposal to several publishers before you find one who is interested. But … only offer your book to one publisher at a time.

Tip. It’s a good idea to be working on several different book ideas at the same time, to maximise your chances of success.

If you need more help, I offer expert advice with preparing book proposals – please contact me for details and rates.