How To Get Started In Copywriting

penMost writers consider writing articles, novels or even plays or poetry at some time in their career. But, if you are or want to be a writer, you could think about adding copywriting to your range of writing activities. Here are some tips you might find useful if you would like to make money from copywriting:

What is copywriting ?

Copywriting is creating any kind of written material that is, ultimately, designed to sell something. It might be something with an overtly selling purpose such as a press ad. or something more subtle, such as a press release. But, basically, if it’s designed to sell it’s copywriting.

Is there a demand for copywriting ?

Yes, you bet there is. The demand for good copywriters is massive and growing!

As well as the long standing demand for writing sales letters, brochures, leaflets, direct mail, press ads. and press releases there’s now a huge demand for online copywriting. As a copywriter you can create content for websites including home pages, product descriptions, FAQs, online articles and press releases as well as marketing emails (or eletters) and online brochures.

Do you need any special skills or qualifications ?

Not really, but what you do need is creativity and imagination …. to see the story behind the production or service you’re copywriting about, and come up with ideas and approaches that will attract readers and catch their imagination.

Copywriting is not, as many people think just about facts and figures and technical writing ability. It has a ‘soft side’ too …. those who really see themselves as fiction writers are often very good at copywriting.

How do you get started ?

* You could take a course, or simply read some of the many great books that have been written on copywriting.

* You should study as much material by other copywriters as you can. Pick up tips from the writing techniques that work as well as those that don’t. (Generally, if an ad. is run time and time again it’s a good indicator that it works!)

* Get lots of copywriting practice. Offer to do free some copywriting for small local businesses or charities. Once you have a portfolio to show it will be easier to pick up higher paid copywriting assignments from companies and also advertising and marketing agencies.

How much could you earn as a copywriter ?

Copywriting is potentially one of the most highly paid types of writing after writing a blockbuster novel! Good copywriters can earn hundreds or even thousands for a single piece of copy …. or even a cut of the sales from every successful product or service ad. they writer.