Why And How To Publish Non Fiction

nfMaybe you’ve always fancied writing a novel, or even short stories? While novels are a fun way into writing, non-fiction can be a very good place to get started. Here’s why:

Non-fiction is generally much less competitive than fiction. With fiction you’ll be in competition with thousands of authors and hundreds of publishers, some of whom are very well known and established. However, there are fewer non-fiction publishers and authors in any given subject and they are generally smaller names. So it is much easier for newcomers to get a toe in the market.

Non-fiction books sell for higher prices and offer better profit margins. So with non-fiction you can make money with small volumes. You don’t need to sell hundreds of thousands of copies to turn a profit – making non-fiction much more practical for small authors and publishers.

Finding an idea for a non-fiction book

The secret with non-fiction is to think niche, niche, niche. Rather than a highly popular subject where there are already lots of books look for a smaller subject-within-a-subject. Or look for a popular subject – but come up with your own twist on it. Here are a few ideas:

* How about something related to your job? Do you have a skill or experience that you could teach to others?

* A hobby or interest can be a very good subject for a self published book. People are always searching for information on hobbies.

* How about a cook book? Cook books/recipe books are one of the biggest selling non-fiction genres there is.

* How about a travel guide? Again, this is a massive part of non-fiction. For more ideas on this see here.

* A motivational or self improvement book. What life secrets, or solution to life’s problems, could you share with others?

* Children’s or educational non-fiction. Another sizable area of non-fiction.

* A biography, perhaps of someone you admire. Or even an autobiography or memoirs, if you have some interesting experiences to tell. Again these can be strong sellers.

* Local interest books. How about putting together a book on your local area/history/culture/traditions/sights etc.?

Main types of non-fiction books to consider

There are really no limits on what kind of non-fiction book you can selfpub. However, here are some of the main types or genres, to give you some ideas:

Academic -Antiques & Collectables – Art – Autobiography

Biography – Body, Mind, Spirit


Careers/Employment – Children’s – Comedy – Computers – Cookery – Craft & Hobby – Creative – Critical

DIY – Directory



Gardening – Geography

Health – History – House & Home – Humour


Medical – Memoirs – Music


Philosophy – Politics – Psychology

Reference – Religion

Satire – Science – Self Help – Social Science – Spiritual – Sport – Study

Technology – Textbook – Travel – True Crime – TV & Film

I hope you’ve found these tips useful.