When self publishing can be a good choice

When self publishing can be a good choice

Most writers and would be writers have thought about self publishing. But it’s often difficult to know when self publishing is a good idea, and when it’s not such a good idea. So here’s some advice on when self publishing your book can be a very good choice.

* When it’s a very niche subject

It’s much harder to find a publisher for a niche subject, so becoming your own publisher makes a lot more sense in these cases. If you’ve looked hard and just can’t find a publisher who publishes the sort of thing you’re writing on it could be well worth a try.

* When your book is text rich

Keeping things simple is the name of the game when self publishing. For writers, text rich books are much easier to self-publish rather than books that have a lot of illustration, photography or design.

* When it’s a highish cover price

Self published books tend to sell in lower quantities than books which are produced by a publisher. Publishers will usually have more time and resources for promotion which in turn generates more sales. So to turn a profit your book will usually need to have a higher cover price than average (and justify it of course).

* When it’s suitable for publishing as an ebook

Ebooks have absolutely transformed the world of self publishing. It’s cheaper and easier to publish your book as an ebook.

If your book would work well as an ebook (and remember not every book does) then consider self publishing it this way. If it is successful you can always publish a paper edition later.

* When you know what your market is

Self published books are harder to get into bookshops, into distribution networks or into libraries (although it can be done) so you can’t rely entirely on those methods to make sales. You need to know what/who your market is and how you’re going to sell to it before you decide to self publish.

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